How to save money at RV events.

How to Save Money at RV Events 

Most of us who own RV’s are love the natural wildernesses that we typically camp in.  The privacy, the camping experience, and those perfect moments where you sit in the sunset with those you love while eating the perfect meal are not replaceable.     As wonderful as camping is, many RV owners will eventually find themselves at different RV events and tourist attractions that while fun, are truly designed to lighten the thickness of one’s wallet.   

These events usually cater to the subject of RV’s and tourism, and usually held at historical sites or tourist destinations.   Sometimes they are also RV shows such as the show held in Hershey, PA – where tourism of Hershey, PA is coupled with the RV show itself.  In any event that an RV enthusiast may attend, there are fantastic ways that a person can save money.

Create an Itinerary

Before you leave for your trip, be sure to plan out all the events that you would really like to attend.  These will be your general guideline and budget oriented plan to follow while you are on the trip.  This doesn’t mean that you should not have spontaneous decisions, but rather a general outline.  For instance, rather than planning on going to a specific restaurant, plan out the simple fact that you would like to go out to eat.   If you want to go to a specific restaurant that is famous or you want to see, be sure to write it into the itinerary to be included in the budget.  An itinerary is to protect you from spontaneous things that you may later regret spending money on.   For instance, if you were at the RV show in Hershey, PA, you may be approached with 50% off coupons to visit the amusement park there.  While 50% is a good discount and may tempt a person to visit the park, they may not have really wanted to go and the coupon would push them into spending more money on something they were not planning on doing.   There is a balance of using an itinerary between being spontaneous and sticking to the plan.   When using an itinerary it is easier to plan out coupon and call ahead savings.

Use Coupons

If you have plans to visit a certain museum or other tourist attraction in an area, it always helps to look on the internet for any type of coupons.  The internet can be a valuable source for not only coupons, but can also help you by looking at reviews of certain places.   Through this, you can formulate the itinerary around what you want to do, and will have the knowledge of other events that you will be “tempted to do” at RV events.  Since there are so many vendors and advertisers at these events, you surely will be given coupons for everything in a local area.  Having knowledge and a general itinerary of your plans will ensure that you are saving money at the events that you plan on partaking in, while also knowing what events to reject that you are tempted with (based on reviews).

Always Check Reviews

Be sure to always check the reviews of attractions that a person on an RV trip will most likely be interested in.  There are real tourist traps out there and it is good to know ahead of time what you are getting yourself into.   Be sure to not only check on review sites, but go to RV and travel forums and ask around.  Most people are really happy to detail the trip for you.  My family in particular was very happy to be told “get the left seats on the cog railway going up Pike’s Peak”.  We did so and the left seats were three times better than the right ones.  We also planned this trip ahead and were able to get deep discounts.  On arrival, the train was completely sold out, and we were in better seats and paid half price of the people sitting next to us.    Be sure to always have a plan, set an itinerary, check for coupons on your itinerary, and check out reviews in order to save money on your RV trip.   Remember that spontaneous ventures can be fun, but costly.

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