Guide to buying a pre-owned diesel pusher.

Guide to Buying a Used Diesel Pusher 

Diesel pushers stand alone in the broad would of RV's as the most luxurious and powerful coaches around.   Being that they have a diesel engine and incredibly strong transmissions, the potential for more weight and luxury is completely possible.   The only caveat that is affiliated with diesel pushers with all of their wonderful benefits is the high price tag.   Coaches that are even ten years old are known to bring sticker shock to the wayward buyer who is just strolling through a RV dealership.   While most of us would love to own a diesel pusher, these shocking sticker prices are what strays us away from the enjoyment.   Have no fear however, as you are about to learn some important methods and tips that you can do to save money when buying a diesel pusher while still buying a good quality one.

Inspect it – Then Accept or Reject it

Given the nature of expense of a diesel pusher, I would heavily recommend that only the savviest of home mechanics to perform their own inspection.   It will involve taking out telescoping mirrors, crawling around on the ground, flashlights, and sticking your head into small compartments to see things.   If you are not up to the task, simply hire a mechanic to do the job for you.   You'll want to find somebody who works with RV's all day and generally knows the issues that come up with particular coaches.  Usually it is under two hundred dollars to have a bumper to bumper check.  The mechanic will look all through the coach to ensure that it is in stable condition.    After the inspection, it is important to either fully accept or reject the coach and not stay in the middle undecided ground. 

Use Inspection Results as Negotiating Factors

When purchasing a used diesel pusher from an individual or dealership always include negative items on the coach for strings to haggle on.   If something happens to be scuffed or scratched, be sure to mention it.  Do not let a significant detail slide during negotiation and keep a list to bring up the points.  It's not all a price haggle it's a “repair” haggle.  Let the flood gates open and talk about anything that bothers you on the coach.  In fact make it so bad, that it sounds like you are going to walk away from the deal.

Check the Tires out Very Well

Sets of tires can be very expensive on large diesel pushers. Be sure to check the tread and age of the tire.  If the tires are more than two to three years old be sure to take off money in your offer.  Tires can run four to five thousand dollars for new ones and it is important to know the tires you are getting.

Be Ready to Walk Away at all Times

This is a great attitude to have during the entire process.  Give the stigma of always wanting to walk away as it is your greatest asset in getting a fantastic deal.  If a dealership or individual really wants to sell the diesel pusher, they may be willing to cut the price a lot in order to complete the sale.  We know that “money talks”, and if a person really has the money, but perhaps “just not enough” it leaves some openness for price reduction if the seller sees the buyer as “ready to walk away”.   Some sellers have patience and some would rather just get the sale over with. 

Have Fun! 

Always be sure to have fun and enjoy the experience of buying a diesel pusher.  The options out there are virtually limitless.  You are buying an awesome tool for many future adventures and exciting times.    Saving money and headaches while buying a diesel pusher, makes the process that much sweeter.  See you on the road!

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