Camping on a budget.

Camping on a Budget 

Camping is a classic American loving adventure that often incites excitement, fun, exploration, songs, spending time with one another, and enjoying fires! With our current economy, many people want to have fun camping, but need to ensure to stay within a budget. This is not actually a difficult challenge, as fun camping activities do not need to be expensive. There are some common sense tactics that one can take to keep things on the cheap and to save money.

Smartly Purchased Food Tastes Better Outside

Inexpensive food while camping can be a challenge especially if one wants to avoid eating a lot of junk food and pre-processed food. The art of purchasing food inexpensively also stems too many common tactics, with a small twist. The food often must be wrapped or contained, non-perishable (if outside of a cooler or refrigerator), and advisedly healthy.

A person preparing for camping who lives in a city or suburban environment will find the cheapest food prices at their local stores in the cities. It is important to make food purchases within town as making them in rural, country, or small time quickie type marts increases the price of food considerably. The food in town is often much fresher and will be cheaper as there is more competition for the grocer within an area. Buying your camping food inexpensively will help reduce the overall cost of your trip. Although this is miniscule, every dollar adds up!

Camping Discounts

There are many campgrounds that offer discounts for people who plan ahead. Often if one schedules their desired stay times well in advance will achieve the best savings possible. If you happen to frequent certain campgrounds, groups of campgrounds, or state parks within certain states, campground passes can be obtained to grant free entrance, discounted camping fees, and coupons for discounted camping. Look around for particular deals online to find the maximum savings possible. If you are senior, many campgrounds also offer discounts on top of coupons. Along with this, military and/or veteran discounts are often available. Try to use everything to your advantage to help with the camping budget.

If you are tent camping, be sure to consider if you really need a site with all of the hookups. Many primitive sites are much less costly than ones with full hookups. You can easily get back to nature in a nice nearly free primitive camping site!

Inexpensive Activities

The activities we like to do while camping are fortunately often inexpensive. This can be simple things such as fishing, hiking, exploring, and geocaching. The amount of expenses one can afford for other activities will of course vary by budget of course. Canoe rentals, guided tours, and tourist attractions nearby campgrounds can all be worthwhile, but costly. Many state parks are located around historic districts and interesting historical things, artifacts, and tours are free.

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