The best way to tow a toad.

The Best way to Tow a Toad 

Many people who own a diesel pusher, class A, or Class C RV, tow a small vehicle known as a “toad” behind their RV when they go on trips.   These vehicles are often used as a small mode of transportation for the traveller when they arrive at a destination.  They also serve as a safety backup mode of transportation if there is any problem with their RV, they have a vehicle that will let them be able to drive to a nearby hotel or seek help, food, and shelter.   Towing a toad is also a great way to save money on fuel costs when at a destination as a toad often does not use a much fuel as a heavy duty truck needed to tow a large travel trailer.
There are several methods of towing a “toad” behind an RV. 

Towing on a Trailer

This is a method where a person usually buys a heavy duty car towing trailer with ramps and drives their “toad” onto the ramp in order to load or drive off to unload.  Usually the trailer will need its own license plate.   The trailer will need to be in specification for the type of vehicle weight that will be towed.  Take all measures into consideration, such as the tongue weight, GVWR of the RV, and if the trailer will need brakes or not.

Towing on a Tow Dolly

This is usually reserved for front wheel drive vehicles.  There is a small close to the ground two wheel tow dolly that the owner will have to drive the front tires on.  The tow dolly then takes the weight of the engine and front tires and leaves the rear tires on the road.  Often these do require a license plate and registration depending on state.

Towing all 4 wheels down

There are some vehicles that allow for all 4 down towing, but many do not.  An RV owner would have to check with their vehicle manufacturer to know if their vehicle’s transmission is capable of all 4 wheels down on the pavement towing.  Many people choose this route, as they believe it to be the most simple and easy method of towing.   It will require the tow vehicle’s brakes to be wired into the RV’s brakes, and also light systems to be organized.  It requires a brake box which will depress the brake on the “toad’s” brake system. 

The Easiest Method of Towing

It is very important to those reading to bear in mind the potential of pure simplicity and money savings.   The easiest way to tow a “toad” behind an RV is simply to buy a small car and tow it on a landscaping trailer.  They are equipped with ramps that can hold the weight of large zero turn mowers, and can easily support the weight of a small 4 cylinder vehicle.   They are very simple to load a vehicle on, as they are already equipped with a ramp.   There is also no customization to worry about with the wiring, since the vehicles brake system is not even needed.   All light and brake functions will function as a common trailer.   Also a side benefit is the cage on a landscaping trailer will help protect a “toad” against road hazards and debris that is kicked up from the road.  For instance a small chunk of tire in the road will simply bounce off the cage rather than the front of a 4 wheel down towed vehicle.  This can save the RV traveler a lot of money in vehicle repairs and also save them a lot of headaches!  This method helps to reduce complication.  Any vehicle type can be towed on a trailer!

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